About Barker Insurance Group

Barker Insurance Group is a 3rd generation Independent Insurance agency that works independently with more than 60 trusted carriers.

Anytime, any day, we consistently provide you the best options on any insurance policy you need for your property, and this is because we are affiliated with over 50 admitted A rated carriers in the State of Florida that are known for value and commitment with clients.

What Makes Barker Insurance Group the Real Deal?

Don’t fall for the hype, and don’t believe the hearsays until you try our services personally. Our many clients in Florida love us because we have a history of consistent success in the insurance industry. The same quality of service that earned us their confidence is still open to you.

You Save More Value for Less
Now here’s an exciting truth. As an independent insurance agency, we will help you keenly compare rate and quality across an assortment of policies so that you can choose the one that offers you the most security at the least cost. Whatever your budget, needs or concerns are, feel free to discuss them with us.

Your Friends Trust Us

We have written and still write quotes for many individuals, organizations and commercial entities, such as churches, restaurateurs, salons, farmers, landscapers and more. Most importantly, our services on homeowners insurance and auto insurance are on increasing demand because of the comfort we give our clients. If your friends trust us, you can, and if the people you trust believe in us, you sure can trust us.

Near Two Decades of Excellence

Having been in the insurance business for over 15 year's, we guarantee that you will discover the same excellence in quality that has endeared us to our many clients over the year. Unlike many start-up insurance agencies out there, we don’t give excuses because we have the experience. Another benefit you get is that our team of dedicated professionals, who love what they do, use the most improved insurance techniques to bring the safety which covers your assets in the State of Florida.